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How Much is My Car Worth

You are looking at buying a new car and want to know how much is your current ride worth to budget properly. After all, the more your car is worth the less your monthly payments will be if you use your car as a trade-in.

If so, you've come to the right place. All you need to do to quickly answer the question how much is my car worth is to use our car value calculator above. All it takes is 4 minutes and you will know the real value of car, truck, or SUV.

Also, in the article below you will learn easy ways to boost the value of your vehicle so you can get top dollar for it as well as three ways to sell it depending on what your goal is - to get the most money for it or to sell it as fast as possible.

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How the Value of Your Car is Determined - How Car Value Estimators Work

Car value estimation tools like KBB car value, Edmunds car value, and NADA work similarly. They look at a few things to determine how much is your car worth. We will discuss what these things are below. You have control over some of them. Use that to improve the condition of your car to get top dollar when it's time to see or trade-in.

1. Location. Where you live matters when it comes to how much is your vehicle worth. Certain types of vehicles are worth more in certain areas. For example, trucks and SUVs are in higher demand in the Midwest because of the rough winters and are worth more.

In Sanford and Florida, in general, there's more demand for convertibles and sports cars than trucks so the former will be worth more and command higher prices.

2. Mileage and condition. Let's start with the mileage. The more miles a vehicle has the less it is worth it. After all, no one will pay top dollar for a car with 200,000 miles on it when there are plenty of well-maintained and accident-free vehicles with 50,000 or less.  

The vehicle's condition could be trickier simply because it's subjective. The seller of a 2017 Atlas Tiguan that's has a few dents and scratches and with a perfect maintenance record would describe it as in excellent condition where a potential buyer might consider it in good condition at best.

Mileage and condition are closely associated even though they are not directly correlated. There are cars with low miles but with ripped leather seats, not working stereo and A/C. These vehicles won't be worth top dollar regardless of not having a lot of miles on them.

3. Make and model. Certain makes and model cars are worth more than others. That's just the way it is and there's nothing you can do about it now. It matters when you are deciding on your next vehicle. But for now, just focus on what you can do to increase the value of the car or SUV you want to sell (discuss later on in this article).

4. Add-ons and options. The more add-ons and options a vehicle has the more it's worth, right? Kind of. In the real world, some add-ons and options can diminish the value of your car (for example, not many people are going to pay top dollar for a car with an aftermarket noisy exhaust).

At the same time, there are options that in general increase the value of a vehicle like leather seats, all-wheel drive, automatic transmission and premium factory sound system to name a few.

Lack of features can also decrease the value of a car or truck. No one will pay top dollar for a vehicle with no air-conditioning, automatic windows, or door locks.

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