The Volkswagen Beetle R is the Closest Thing We Have to Herbie the Love Bug

The Volkswagen Beetle is in equal parts charming and hair-raising. Much like the underlying theme in all the "Herbie the Love Bug" movies, the Volkswagen Beetle recommends that drivers expect the unexpected. Its shrunken dimensions and circular design house a performance package built for the autobahn. Don't let its size fool you: the Volkswagen Beetle has street cred, especially in its R-Line trim.

The Volkswagen Beetle R is built for the race track but still fitting enough for city driving. Plenty power is unleashed by the turbocharged engine, while responsive handling and flawless maneuverability spawn from the sport-tuned suspension. Fun-to-drive and nice to look at, the Volkswagen Beetle R refuses to sacrifice cabin comfort for more impressive performance figures. Its interior is as welcoming and premium material and high-tech amenity driven as any Volkswagen Beetle.

So if you are in the market for a new car and are looking for something that is genuinely fun to drive, consider joining us at Napleton's Volkswagen of Sanford in Sanford to test drive the new Volkswagen Beetle R today.

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